Sunday, January 13, 2008

memo to self

when i told dave tonight that i'm miserable and don't want to get pregnant again after this, his response was "you might want to write that down".

i said "ok, i know it wasn't easy last time, but i don't remember it being this bad. was is?"

he said "um... it was bad".

why in the world would this man agree to go through this again with me when he actually has a memory.

  • need to be a little harder on curt, since he thinks the "donkey thing" was a joke.

  • i should possibly look in the mirror before leaving the house. my sister is so sick of seeing me unshowered, with bedhead, in pajamas in public, and my motion sickness wrist bands that she has taken to calling me "owen wilson". oh, not popular movie star working owen wilson, the just got off "suicide watch owen".

figure out how my dad made that AWESOME chicken tonight for dinner

  • i also will post more this week. i can't say it will be non-pregnancy, non-celebrity crap, non-parenting a terrorist rambling, but i will post more. happy delurking week (i'm pretty sure it's over, but wanted to shout out to any lurkers.)


Anonymous said...

Oh you poo,r morning-sickness riddled Owen Wilson - hopefully it'll pass soon.

Anonymous said...

And I meant poor, not poo-r - YIKES!!

WendyB said...

I wonder why ANYONE opts to do this. Except movie stars. That's obvious. They do it for the publicity.

Andrea said...

I hear that adopting babies instead of making them yourself takes away ALL of the sickness and/or stretch marks. But I only learned of this after I gave birth to all my children. :0)

I love the picture of you with your daughter. She is sooooo tiny and precious! That's why you did it again, right?

...Will you look at that, the baby countdown gets shorter each time I visit your blog. I say, "rant all you want" cause the window for pregnancy ranting is open for only a short time. Then we have to find new excuses. :0)

pistols at dawn said...

Upside: you can do whatever you want for the next nine months and no one will be able to argue with you.

Kim said...

I just remember bringing you breakfast when you were just pregnant with Joice becuase you had the shakes. Curt thought that was a joke? What more do you have to do/say?

Megan said...

At some point you are going to look back at all these posts and laugh and say it wasn't all that bad. I was just being dramatical and then I will strangle you cause that is what a good sister does!
P.S. certainly curt knows you are not joking. pregnant women don't joke!

Mom of 3 boys said...

Only 220 more days to complain and rant all you are pregnant and yes it sometimes sucks...I have been pregnant 4 times..3 out of those 4 I hugged the toilet most of the day. Men will never blog about how you feel...we are hear to listen....I only hope this doesn't last the entire that would suck....It will get hang in there.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

my girls: so much love, thanks for the support! my stretch marks need all the support they can get!

dre, NOW you bring up adoption. somehow this felt more like an etsy project if i did it myself. 2008 resolution: learn to outsource.

p@d: ha ha ha ha no one argues either way. what is the point when i'm always right???

Sarah said...

I am soooooo glad your back. I was beginning to get worried.

Monika said...

Oh, my dearest Jen . . . I am so glad that you finally got some drugs! I am not a medicine taker . . . in fact, I am extremely ANTI! Nevertheless, I am so FOR the anti-nausea drugs! Love them!

Alid said...

Hi honey! As Sara screams at me I just want to say you do forget it all or maybe it just seems like it wasn't that bad... somehow we make it through though... I am so happy for you, March will be her quickly... just take a really long nap! LOL!