Thursday, January 3, 2008

"i did it"

(cute things kids say post/closest thing to a baby book anyone is getting - you know what this was originally intended for)

as i posted on Christmas eve, Jojo is now in a big girl bed. the beauty of it, she didn't know she had the option of getting out of said bed. she normally just yells till "dammy" (easier than saying daddy and/or mommy - she's tricky) gets her out.

yesterday Dave called me at work to tell me that while sleeping with his face on the edge of the bed he had the urge to open an eye.

there is our adorable daughter who then yelled "i did it!"

yes, yes she did and has continued to since.

(no pictures, no - my camera is a decroded piece of crap that i'm not talking to at this moment)


Megan said...

crap! now you are in trouble!

Some Goofy Woman said...

I. Hear. You. My blog started out as a record of kid stuff. That's the best use of one of these stupid things. Wait, yours isn't stupid.