Thursday, January 3, 2008

pig: thursday's suggestion

thanks to my girl friday, Ashley, i did not have to go into work today! a million thanks to her!

so what did i do in our dirty house that is still decorated for christmas and looks like a halfway house for the homeless? glad you asked: i stayed in bed. i did get up for an hour and made breakfast, then when my wonderful husband suggested i had time to maybe take a shower..... i let him know there was only one thing i could do. go back to bed.

then at 3 when i heard the "nap fight" taking on a life of it's own, i got up to help lay down the law. kid down, checked email, read blogs =45 min. and again my adoring husband asks if i would like him to make me a bath?? (btw: he makes the best baths in the whole world!) my face goes pale and let him down by heading off to bed again.

i awake to dinner beeps and buzzers, well i should check this out. dinner is served, even the princess is eating - amazing! i finish and head to the closest recliner, again there is a bath offer. i literally can't get up. we watched "surf's up" and both us girls cuddled on daddy (he probably had to hold his breath), one of us hasn't showered since last year and the other had a poopy diaper that she swore she didn't. poor poor daddy.

princess in bed, whew. dave takes further discussion to the bathroom. i lay on bathroom floor, it is then again suggested that maybe i should take a shower, i concede.

i write to you as a clean and showered person. can i just say DANG- i forgot about the clumps of hair that fall out during pregnancy when you wash your hair.


Andrea said...!
Your writing brought it all back to me. That and I've had a migraine that had make me incredibly nauseous all day. I was just telling my husband today that it feels like I have the constant flu...or like I'm pregnant. Then we had a good laugh (because my tubes are VERY tied). But it really put me back to that very sick place. I feel SOOOOOOOOO bad for you! If it makes any difference at all, pregnancy only lasts 9 months. Hang in there. And Dave, you sound like a really nice guy!

pistols at dawn said...

Is it really that hard to make a bath? I presume you mean he's an excellent Italian marbleworker, because I can turn on faucets and make sure water's in a tub.

Aprilyn said...

Hooray for a patient hubby! Don't you feel better now that you've had a bath? I always do...ya know..on those rare occasions when I take one.

Anonymous said...

Poor husband trying to say nicely "woman carrying my child - you need to wash".

WendyB said...

I've been behaving the same as you without the pregnancy excuse.

Gledwood said...

Pregnancy is only glamorous when you have a thing like a third leg on a wheel to prop up your bump. and look like a cartoon expectant mother.

otherwise (surely?!?) it's all haemorrhoids, sciatica, diarrhoea and inconvenience in every way ..



Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

andrea, i sure hope you are feeling better today. i've said it before, misery loves company.

pistols, how does a guy like you manage to stay single??? believe it or not ladies require more finery than labradors in baths and most other things.

aprilyn, i'd be lying if i said yes.

suze, it' like you speak dave.

wendy, the offer is always open for you to come to arizona and we can both torment my husband.

gled, you understand!

Megan said...

Yeah you washed yourself! some said that you were starting to stinketh but I said, "no way she passed that days ago!"