Tuesday, June 26, 2007

celebrating (the terrible 2s) early

since mom and dad were both off this week they have used their vacation to spend time with us! They have brought dinner to a different family's house each night and spent good ol' quality time with them. We got to have dinner with them tonight. THANK YOU BOTH, Panda Express was awesome.... just wish there was a little less screaming during the dinner conversation!

They even took it a step farther by taking Jocie for the day to celebrate her birthday next week. She will be 2 on the 4th of July and is . . . . um a little moody and temperamental. We said SURE, take her for the week - but they felt a day would be just the right amount of time.

It was reported, with pictures to back it up, that she was an angel most the day. Sure she didn't want lunch, but she did want cookies. Sure they took her to the splash pad, and all she wanted was to swing on the 111 degree swings. Sure she had Mom mom (grandma), Papa, and Uncle Austin at her disposal to play and have fun with in the water, and all she wanted was to greet the other people and run away (mostly to the burning swings). Sure they planned the day so they could get her back to the house for a nap, but she decided a quick 15 in the car would be just as good.

THIS CHILD HAS A ONE TRACK MIND! - if only we were privy to the map.....

At dinner tonight Mom/Grandma said that she never had a child like this that would just literally RUN away without so much as a backwards glance. It's true, I have no other children to compare her to, but she is going to give me a heart attack one of these days. And to think Dave was not happy with me for buying her a leash.

Thank you Mom and Dad for a wonderful dinner tonight, and a fantastic day with your grandaughter. She had a blast......

I know this because from the time she came home she screamed and cried like someone was doing physical harm to her. At 7:30 when we were all close to loosing our minds we put her down. NOT A PEEP. You guys really wore her out!



Meg said...

Thanks to mom's new love for the camera you can really feel like you were with her at the splash pad, BUT quieter! Sounds like a fun day!

Kim said...

That really sounds like a fun day! If I can recall, Westin loved those steaming hot swings too. He didn't have any shoes on and he would rather be chilling in the wood chips than cooling off with the buckets of water. Silly children!

Charlene said...

Our pleasure!

Curt said...

What a CUTE GIRL!!!

A leash? (Where did you get it?) That's despicable! (how much was it?) I can't believe you did that? (Does it come in various sizes?)

I can't believe that they turned down the opportunity for a whole WEEK! They're getting soft at their age... (Just kidding Mom & Dad!)

Did she get the signature cattle brand mark from the swings? Remember those? Awwww to be a kid again.