Monday, June 25, 2007

the return of fun monday

this year for mom's birthday we got her a gift certificate for a mannie and a peddie.

HOWEVER we know our mom and she doesn't want to go by herself... so we sacrificed our footsies (what caring daughters!) and all went together.

THE RETURN OF FUN MONDAY!!! We used to do fun things on Mondays... a long long time ago - BC (before our wonderful timeconsuming children ran our lives)

as always childcare proved to be trickier than we planned, but Papa and the boys came through and we all made it!

thanks for a fun time girls! Sorry I didn't get a picture of meg dropping (and shattering) the pretty pink nail polish - but I'm pretty sure she left a lasting impression!


Meg said...

That was so much fun! We will have to bring back fun Mondays. It starts the week off the right way... self indulging!

Kim said...

I love mannies and peddies. The mannies are gone in 2 seconds but I love that the peddies last forever. Who really cares that there is an inch of non-polished nail after a month, the rest looks good still.