Thursday, June 28, 2007

you would cry too, if it happened to you

When Rachel started watching Jocie at 2 months old we told her "if she does anything for the first time here - DON'T TELL US". Because of that rule we always got to see her rollover first, scoot, crawl and talk. We know we were living a lie, but that's the way we needed it to be.

When our wonderful nieces Courtenay and Brittany offered to watch Jojo tonight (family dinner was canceled - everyone was out of town, or on dates or at work so we took advantage.... anyway not my point) so we could go on a date. Heck yes. When they got here they asked us if there was any new routines. (I was getting ready and didn't know this part). Dave told the girls that for the last few weeks before she goes to be we sit her on her Dora potty naked and try to encourage the fun of potty time, she doesn't get it and has never gone but it's what we are trying. (ok maybe that's not how he put it, but I'm typing furiously because I'm so..... anyway).

We went on our date, dinner and a movie. Right as the previews ended and the movie was beginning my cell started vibrating. This is the text: Courtenay - It's Jojo's bed time so we sat her on the potty for 5 min and she went!

I did all I could to fight back the tears! I know I'm being ridiculous, but Dave and I were so upset. It's not fair. There really isn't that many perks to being a parent. You put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears - not to mentions time on these kids - the least they could do is potty for their parents FIRST!!!!

We would have never understood this feeling 2 years ago. It would have been impossible. We love this child so much, that this is our reaction to going potty! WOW, parenting is a roller coaster.

(NOT FROM ACTUAL EVENTS-Just warming the seat up)

A year ago she was a week away from turning one. She literally started walking. She could say
"thank you" and "sup" (which means cup and hasn't changed in a year)

Now a year later, she can tell you what sound a cow and fish make, she LOVES Nemo and Dora. She knows you sniff a flower after it is identified as one. It took the entire year for her to give in to saying the hardest word of all "PLEASE", that was a struggle. (Yet she could say cheese for such a long time before that.... hum). Any letter or number can be identified.... as a 2. She can spot the moon in a flash, she can open a pudding cup with a butcher knife. She has taken on a maternal feeling for her blue baby doll, with stroller rides, sharing her sup and fruit snacks. She knows Papa and Mama usually have something to do that involves water. She knows the difference between and airplane and a truck. OH ya, and she can say POOP! But she still won't say CUP.

Now we can add first potty in the Dora potty chair as an accomplishment. Congrats baby girl, your dad and I are very proud of you! We wish we would have been there, but you know we will always be here when it counts.

You are such a grown up girl, I can't believe how you run this house at 2. We love you and hope you have a wonderful 2nd year with us!


Meg said...

I'm so sorry you missed it! it is rewarding when they get it that first time.... a light at the end of a (very LONG) tunnel.

Karen said...

Just think that there will be so many more first that you will be able to cherish. For example, the first time she drives your vehicle into and through your home. Now that is a moment you will certainly treasureand remember. I am so impressed with her accomplishments, but what is with the butcher knife and pudding? I don't even let my teenagers open their pudding with a butter knife. Everyone knows that a butcher knife is used for play dough.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

Karen you are so understanding! I guess that is why you didn't try and get Jayme to play with playdough after she drove through your house!

Curt said...

I hate to say it, but these things happen when you buy a computer on the sabbath...

No, seriously- I must have had it all wrong trying to open my sisters with a butcher knife-- where was Jojo when I was growing up?

Tell me all about the date (minus any graphic scenes), I am trying to remember what those are like!

The reenactments are precious! No, Meg-- they aren't porn... she's so sensitive to those things.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

I don't really know what the last part of your post meant, but I'm good to leave it like that. Sorry to drag you into my sabbath breaking computer problems!