Saturday, June 2, 2007

oh how our garden grows

This spring we finally acknowledged that we have a backyard. It was weedville
and was a lot of work to get down to the dirt.
Slowly we started planting seeds and plants. Thanks to Rhonda, the Garden Guy and COMPOST (love it!!!) our yard is really shaping up. We have a lot of plans still to complete the yard, but financing is standing in the way for now.

I love gardening, and I love that Dave and Jocie like to be outside and help me. We got Jojo some plastic garden tools and she beats the heck out of them. Poor Dave has to do all the hard work, like digging holes with a pick. Actually I take that back, I think he feels manly when he gets to use the pick. Maybe it's not that bad.

We love spending time together in our half dirt half garden paradise and would stay out there all the time if we could. I think that this new connection with nature may be making us healthier??? We cook at home and head outside almost every night (no eating out - ) and usually start working on some project instead of watching TV. We all get dirty and have a great time.

I even got a silly cheap hammock at a yard sale and it's great. Jojo always wants us to "wing wing wing" her in it. Poor Makayla was our first official head injury in the hammock. SHOCKING I know, you all thought it would be Matt Matt.

baby Pumpkin
Dave's pride and joy - Peppers!


Rhonda said...

Hey is "pumpkin envy" a real thing? I think I have it. . .
Matt isn't allowed on the hammok. Unless he has a helmet on. . .and we throw down some pillows or something. . . .

Meg said...

yummy!! I want a garden! By the time I start mine rhonda and you will be EXPERTS!

Curt said...

I love your blog! Chad 2 says a "blog" is the shortened version of "web log". (FYI). We love your garden-- thanks for the head injury, but when do you deliver the vegetables?

-double edge

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Austin Kempton said...

what's up with curt calling himself double edge?:) Anyway I told you the hammock was a bad investment but what ever:) I'm glad that the garden has brought you so much happiness and brought a positive and enjoyable change to you and your family's life. continue on with it! and good luck!