Monday, June 4, 2007

dog needs good home, or else

he has to live with me!

I have an elderly customer I really like and she was just accepted to assisted living in Texas. To say the least she can't bring her dog. I wanted to help and be nice. I listed him on a bizzillion times and people are always interested and then fall off the face of the planet.

So I told her that if he's not adopted by Friday I would take him until I could find him a home. She called this morning and wondered if I could come get him tomorrow.

Why Why Why do I offer to do things?

Mattie will kick his butt the first chance she gets, and then he will get nervous poo all over my house.


Meg said...

you are cursed to be polite!! sorry, i would not be the right owner for so so so many reasons... but i will pass along the message!

Rhonda said...

WOW! Good luck. I'll keep my ears open, but I can't think of anyone off of the top of my head. A cocker spaniel huh? I'm sure you're getting some kind of blessing for this. . . right?

Curt said...

Ummmm.... I like how polite you are. I am probably the same in a lot of ways, but because I know you so well I am going to easily tell you this: If you even MENTION to my kids that there is a dog available, I mean even put the seed in their head- I will find a way to get you back. I just don't know what yet.

I'll keep it in mind, though-- people usually take dogs in off the street more readily than buying them, don't they? Just an idea.

Know anyone who needs their windows washed?