Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ask me

I thought I would open today's post up to any of my 3 readers (well just 2 now since my brother is now working too hard to read much) questions, comments, or stories.

I found that there is a whole website dedicated to purse stories, see I can't be that crazy if someone else has beat me to it..... right? (link above)

Make me feel loved (you know who you are.... let the guilt run through you) and leave me a comment.



Monika said...

Hey Jennifer,
I am not sure if this is going to work because your blog isn't liking me to post right now. Love, Love, Love your blog. Meg and Kimmy have introduced me to this whole realm of blogs and I wanted to tell you hi. I miss our chats in the "pink chair" that we used to have. Rhonda, YOU . . .! J/K Am I the only one who still does J/K? Probably so. Anyhow, I need some blogging tips. My computer isn't allowing me to do fun stuff like you guys. Okay, so I have probably left more of a comment than you asked for so I;m going to leave it at that. Love.

Rhonda said...

I never thought you were crazy... in a BAD kind of way. Hi Mon.

Kim said...

ok, lets see here. I don't have many fun purse stories, though I love a good deal on a purse just as much as the next guy (or in this case my next cousin). The one that comes to mind, and not nearly as long as some on the Purse stories website, was when I was working at S&H Steel with Erin and we both wanted to go to Target instead of a lunch break. So we each took a turn going and when I got back from my "lunch break" I came back with four purses each under the price of $5. I was very excited about them, Erin was impressed!

Megan said...

One time on my birthday my sisters gave me this fabulous black patent leather bag with chain woven into the handle and it was hot! but I didn't "LOVE" the big brand sewn into the side so I just seam ripped it out and if possible I think it looks even hotter!

Curt said...

ok- I am back. but purses? Let's see, I have no purse stories. Um, I like to listen to iPods. Do you have an iPod week coming up? or E-myth week? or Good looking calf cake week? I'll stay tuned. Sorry to leave you like that. Calf Cakes OUT.