Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"blogging is of the devil"

this is what was relayed to me today through my brother Curt about Dad's response to a little family bickering over some attention shown from Nie Nie (who we aren't ashamed to say we stalk)

(if that made sense to you, you may want to seek therapy as well)

Anyway I wanted to see if there was any substantial evidence of this conclusion. The answer, yes, I think we have found a new blog to stalk. Her name is Le Meg and the actual post I refer to is:

enjoy (she could be a long lost prideful, glutenous, envious relative?)

As to our dearest Nie Nie, if only you knew the impact you have made on our family. Sure we are competitive by nature....but, having our brother's name ON YOUR BLOG was more than us poor girls could handle. He has had to call and make ammends to all of us today. We aren't sure why he has caught your attention, he's a weird brother - not nearly as hot as Mr. Nielson! It's just wrong to be jealous of him over your attention. Please send help - Jen


Kim said...

the new blog to stalk is perfect. i really think she could be a relitive except she lives in to cool of a place.

Megan said...

okay, love le meg and want to steal her name... although I know nothing of any thing french so that would be weird, right?
2nd-ly I kinda (not too much though) feel bad. I think curt thinks I am mad at him when really just completely jealous, which is different and petty and he should tell me to get over it.
This is just like when we were in high school together and all my friends wanted to be his friends. oh the draw backs to having a "cool" brother, except.... the cool part?

Curt said...

i was feeling better about where i stood with you, but than the last sentence threw me. am i not cool, or are you saying my 'coolness' is a drawback? either way, "thanks". sarcastically to the former and seriously to the latter.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

I'm guessing you are talking to megan so.... i'm out of it! yeah

Megan said...

Of course I was saying that your "coolness" CAN be a drawback. CAN is the Magic word there!