Monday, September 24, 2007

purse week may be over but.... lets be real, it never will be

Well I totally missed my deadline for my Saturday night purse post, but I have to admit.... I was never good at homework.

Saturday's post was SUPPOSED to highlight different entertainers like Gwen Stefani and Fergie that have their own line of bags. Which are fab (oh ya at Ross I ran across a few of Gwen's Harracuchu Lovers line- pretty sure I didn't spell that right).

Anyway, following that I was also SUPPOSED to tell you that you don't need their lines when you are just as capable of making your own bag. Here is where I would show you awesome bags you can make yourselves. Yes I did make a few, and one definitely turned out better than the others.

I googled how to make your own purse and came up with two patterns I was interested in. The first is the "BRA BAG", cool concept, just not too sure about it. Well bras were not on sale at the thrift store but BIKINI TOPS were 99 cents! (um, random girl in picture, was I not supposed to post this? I would have shown it not being worn, but you were really excited to wear it so I never got a before pic)

Thanks to Kim for telling us about the placemat bag, it is by far the most sturdy and cutest!

Below: 2 Place mats and 2 Napkins from thrift store $3.99 together (only used one place mat and the napkins - still have one place mat left to make)

that's all for now!


Megan said...

What a hottie

Kim said...

oh my goodness! Yours turned out so stinkin cute!! I love them

Curt said...

I'm not sure how to react. Ummm, is that a halter top?