Sunday, September 16, 2007

Forgive me MasterCard, for I have purchased again


ok so I said it started Sunday.... just not what time Sunday. I got up and took my pictures early and ............................................ then nothing blog related for hours and hours. (My nap was fabulous, thanks for asking)

I wanted to show you my little bag collection and highlight a few of them each day along with other random purse items.

I love purses, I love to buy them, I love to give them, I LOVE to find them, not just on "sale", but at least 75% off!

ADMISSION NUMBER ONE: I have a problem. Not just shopping in general, specifically bags and shoes, and more bags. I have a sense that helps me to not only find a deal, but the best deal a girl has ever seen! (ADMISSION NUMBER 1 1/2 - this "deal" sometimes takes hours of scouring - but that is the hunt before the kill! ps. I don't support hunting)

ADMISSION NUMBER TWO: I can't have just one.... or five.

ADMISSION NUMBER THREE: I have the most understanding husband in the world, not only does he accept me for me (which by the way.... NOT NORMAL) but he shows genuine interest and mostly support in the purchases I make.

I have to admit, I might have picked up 2 bags recently at JC Penney's (never got one there before but I saw the 75%-85% sign outside in the mall and sniffed my way in) I wanted a BIG substantial bag but everywhere I looked, big bags are a lot bigger money. I found 2 for under $25! Anyway, they kinda got put in the closet without any fan fare or acknowledgement - I didn't have the heart to tell him "hey look, I know I complain about paying for oil changes and new tires, look at my new purses!" So anyway when I finally used one he looked at it and said "you got a new purse?" GUILT AND APPRECIATION filled me. I should have told him I got them a few weeks before, and so impressed that I married the only guy out there that actually takes notice of what I wear and carry!

Ok, purse week was not supposed to be a tribute to my adoring husband - but that brings me to the point, it is helpful to have support with any kind of ..... dare I say "obsession?" Otherwise, you are just another "crazy cat lady" that nobody understands. I have a dear friend that not only does the "purse hiding" in the closet thing, she is terrified to start using them because her husband is finally clueing into her expensive taste.

Don't hide your purses in the closet ladies, use them. However, if you have to hide it, maybe it's not a good purchase either.

ADMISSION NUMBER FOUR: I have a very very short attention span. Maybe it's the newness that wears off, or it's that carrying the same bag for a length of time bores me. Maybe both. Historically I have horded purses, run out of room and gave them all away to make room for new. Since the beginning of the year I have tried to change bags more frequently and go back to bags that I have used to recycle better. I would like to say this has CURED my problem, but I truly believe my problem is deeper than this- I crave fashion at an extremely low price too much to resist a new bag.

ADMISSION NUMBER FIVE: Last November I had a pretty good week at work and believed I owed it to myself to take that money and get a Coach bag, I deserved it. I did, and her name is "Princess Coco Meow Meow Meow Meow" (it was 4 cat groomings that subsidised the bulk of the purchase). I love her, she will always be special to me. HOWEVER, big freakin deal. OH WOW I paid a lot for a bag, I'm sure that makes me special! As we walked out of the mall I noticed EVERY woman and teenager also was holding a Coach bag! I was not special, in fact I was now the opposite of special. Where normally I pride myself in the fact that I made a very thrifty purchase on an item I still loved, NOW I HAD PAID FULL PRICE JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE and the kicker, I really had screwed myself on bills more than I knew for the month. Chances are, most of the others carrying the bags could not afford them, but as a status symbol they were willing to pay 22% interest for who knows how long on their credit card just to fit in with the trends.

I love Coco and think of her as part of our family (Well Heck YES, she cost 3000 times more than my co-pay for my only child to date) but what I'm trying to say is, you can feel cool owning something that is in style, but it can't make you cool or MAKE anything for that matter. I have no pride in this purchase, it actually makes me feel kinda stupid.

ADMISSION NUMBER SIX: In order to keep my immediate supply low, I buy purses that are good deals for others. I'm sure a therapist could work on that statement all day. I love giving, anyone that knows me knows that it is truly almost a fault for me. I feel happiest giving to others, it's my high. Suze Orman would kick my butt for this, not for giving, but for giving to others instead of giving to myself or my family's future. But standing in the purse section at Macy's, I'm not exactly thinking of ... I should just take this $25 and put it in an IRA so we can go on a cruise in 30 years. Sorry, my brain does not even make that connection.

This is enough soul searching for one night.

The purse I would like to share with you tonight is actually the opposite of most all my admissions of the evening. I saw this purse when I was shopping with my BFF BJ, it was a beautiful soft brown leather, with big buckles and smelled so good. It was made by Gianni Banini, I have several pairs of his heels and really like his stuff. The bag was originally $300 and through sale after sale it had made it's way down to under $60! If was a fantastic savings and worth every penny, I made this argument out loud to BJ and then set it back down. There was no way I was or could spend $60 on a bag, I just couldn't. Next thing I know BJ has it on her arm walking around with it. I thought to myself, man I love her, she has great style - and she really took my sales pitch to heart. As she was checking out, I complimented her purchase. She said to me, "it's not for me - it's for you!" I declined but knew it was no use, she is as stubborn as me.

Thanks B, I love it and will think of you every time I use it (or smell it, ummm leather)
send me your pictures and stories!! YOU KNOW You'd look good on my blog!!!


Megan said...

Holy crap I love that purse. The only draw back is I think of scouts when I see it! and the da vinci code!

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

are they "Naughty Scouts"???? you think my bag is catholic? it is actually Buddhist.

Kim said...

I love the confessions, you could write a book about this topic. I know you have so much more in that little head of yours. I do love the purse BJ gave you. I just wish life had more opportunities for cute purses like that.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

more opportunities for deals like that or occasions to use them? please tell me more...

Kim said...

i guess I just mean opportunities to show off what a cool purse it is and to have everyone around understand the coolness of it too. The closest we'll get I guess is Girls night!

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

ya, it's true. But don't discount, dates (if you can get em), church and any kidless oportunity! It's all part of feeling pretty!!!!

Andrea said...

That brown bag is fabulous! I want it! (Don't covet, don't covet, don't covet...).

This BJ must be some friend!

Curt said...

hello? Millionaire mind? Are you in the house?

I have to laugh because I think you may really have an obsession. I have one too, but I'd never put it out in the blogisphere where everyone could see (including my lovely wife) and use for material in my intervention.