Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Papa!

Today is my Dad's birthday! I hope you had a great day Dad, dinner was wonderful!

Most of the kids dressed up in silly costumes after dinner and proceeded to chase each other around for an hour.

We even got a Grandma Kempton 5 minute birthday party - doughnuts, gifts, and strawberries. I wonder..... how many of my shopping characteristics come directly from her???

I love you Dad!


Megan said...

All of them.
Happy birthday Dad

Kim said...

I agree, Grandma is the source of our shopping hunger!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday "Brother Kempton"!

***That's what I grew up calling him so that's what he'll stay.

Curt said...

you are the valiant b-day blogger. I think I got the 5-min birthday party gene and you got all of her shopping genes, not to mention her name ended up under your roof.

Good deals, and a noble name... not bad.