Monday, September 24, 2007

welcome back family guy

I know this show is rude and offensive and not family entertainment. However, I love it and it cracks me up. There, that's one more of my dirty little secrets.

I've actually only seen half, I felt bad watching it without Dave.

Tuesday, after Jojo goes to bed: Dave, Me, half gallon of cookies and cream ice cream, and ONE hour star wars family guy.
What a great date!


Megan said...

hey chad taped that too! I of course find it quite offensive and say so the whole time we are watching it! that will show them to put smuck on tv

Kim said...

oh, I can hardly believe my eye's J! j/k, I'm sure the part I watched was particularly offensive and it's not all like that, right?

Megan said...

no kimmy, it is

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

no meg is right, it's allll like that. it's like they know me and can still shock me. thats hard to do.