Sunday, September 30, 2007

missing.... well probably not, just in hiding

Dave and i realized that we haven't seen "the statue" in quite some time.... all year in fact.

Is it ok? It's never been out of rotation for so long. Did someone like it enough to put it on their mantel?

not actual item:

When we got married we received a wedding gift that closely resembled the above picture. We didn't want to be greedy, so we felt that we should share it with family and give it an adventure in the meantime.

Since 2003 "the statue" has been in the hands of everyone of my immediate family members and even been through several on the Gilpin side.

The last time it was seen was I believe the white elephant gift exchange last Christmas. if anyone has any information about the well being of the statue, please let us know.


Rhonda said...

It has been flying under the radar hasn't it.

Megan said...

I wonder if the person who won it in the white elephant truly understood what to do with it?