Thursday, September 20, 2007

save a buck, buy a fake??

I would be lying if I said I didn't have any faux designer handbags in my closet. There I said it.

Now let me tell you, since I do love a good deal and fashion I was ecstatic when I purchased these knock offs. And do you know where they have spent most of their lives? Yes, still in the closet.
Anyone that knows me knows I can't afford a Prada bag. I don't go anywhere where they would care or worship my presence because of a Prada bag. In fact, the phonies sit in my closet because THEY ARE FAKE.

Some how that fake feeling releases it's venom through the handle or strap, it penetrates my skin, gets into my blood stream, and before I know it I HAVE FAUX FEVER! I know it sounds ridiculous but it's true. Although I think I'm pulling off a snobbish, upper class move, it is in fact the opposite. I feel stupid.

Remember how I felt stupid for buying a Coach bag and noticing EVERYONE else has one too, well it's worse to carry a fake. You wonder if the actual people you are trying to impress already can tell it's a knock-off, and the other people who don't have one probably think you have money and that is hilarious! I'm American, I have credit card debts and a fake bag - how pathetic is that???
(I know it's hard to tell some fakes, but real bags aren't sold out of the back of cars, at flea markets, or in plastic trash bags. Look inside the bag for a serial number)

1.) What about artistic design? There is a reason hot handbags are hot- they were designed that way. I have designers that I love and can do little wrong in my eyes, why would I support someone who wants to steal their ideas for their own gain. Like "sharing" music and movies on the Internet this is looked at as a justifiable grey area. Stealing is stealing, I would be upset if I had created something only to have it repeated without my consent.

2.) I recently saw an ad about fake bags in Vogue or Harpar's Bazaar that said illegal bags fund terrorism and gangs. Is that true? Am I funding crimes against innocent people?

I googled the subject and found 496,000 articles that matched my search. Oh my gosh, how could something so lame as a fake bag impact thousands of innocent lives?

It actually does in several steps. First these organizations that start the "replica" project use very poor places where the children are used for hard labor and very little pay. These children are exploited and know they are replaceable by any other neighborhood child if they step out of line or don't produce enough. Cheap labor, cheap materials, cheap bags. These bags are then sold around the world with proceeds funding groups ranging from terrorist to gangs.

(Although I'm sure all these bags resemble real bags, I'm guessing they aren't. I doubt this was Louis Vuitton envisioned his retailers would look like. )

Based on past feelings of low-bag-self-esteem I have sworn off "designer inspired bags", but I feel I have already contributed. What I ask of you reading this is to make the same pledge. There are thousands upon thousands out there, but if there is no buyer for these bags they will finally become a loss to the producers.

There are plenty of stylish reasonable priced purses, go find them!


Megan said...

I had no idea you felt so strongly! that is some intense info you found. I had no idea! I promise I won't buy any knock offs!

Monika said...

I meant to tell you this earlier, but forgot. You need to research Mat & Nat OR He is a vegan from Canada and I love his bags. The designer got a patten on his bags through a friend of mine. She was able to order some of the bags when a while back for wholesale . . . and yes, I stocked up! He turned Nordo's down and now only sells to boutiques and such now. However, I just recently found out that someone saw some Mat&Nat bags at Marshall's! Hummm, Nordstrom's or Marshall's?? Crazy. Printed on every bag is an inspiring slogan. In pink! Go check it out!!

Monika said...

OH, my gosh. I read over my comment and did NOT mean to add so many nows. NoW, nOw, NoW! I know better than that.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

mon - first i didn't even see your now's and second, can we trust vegans from canada??? sounds fishy.... i'll research

Kim said...

I so know what you mean about thinking everyone knows about your knock off. It's like when you have a cz instead of a diamond. Nobody knows, but you are sure everyone is staring at you thinking your an idiot. If I take the pldege to never buy knock off I might never buy another purse. I think I'm safe at Target and Ross, right?

Rhonda said...

You're absolutely right, I'm only buying the REAL thing from now on... my husband will just have to understand it's an ethical decision, not a financial one. Megan and I went shopping on Thursday and I put three purses back. I walked out with only one little Tommy wallet in hand. Can you believe my discipline?

Curt said...

My eyes are bleeding. Handbag week will kill me. Bring back non-purse-related-humor! Now you know why I don't buy fake bikes. I knew you'd get it...