Tuesday, October 30, 2007


ok that about covers it. have been, still are, will continue to be. (i know you are thinking this is based in mania, but it is not. just the desire to quit looking at half painted walls.)

i have the support of my wonderful husband (who picked the color if you hate it and still picked the color if you love it) and my helpful daughter. did i mention i'm a control freak and have issues with helpers?

a picture would be nice for you right now. too bad. the camera is in my purse and the usb cord is in another room. it's midnight and it is not meant for these two items to be together at this time.

i am not totally lame thanks to my sisters. we went to the hair show on Sunday and had a blast. pictures of this would be nice too, but refer to previous paragraph.

happy halloween and goodnight.
(of course I didn't know about this 48 hours ago, pic is a link to behr tools)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

family dates are few and far between

but we went on one tonight!!

that's what $65.50 looks like.
being with my family-priceless

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

my name is jennifer, and i'm a stalker.

this is what my husband caught me doing with someone's (you know who's) picture off their blog today. trying my hardest to read a street sign.

i'm well aware i need help.

Monday, October 22, 2007

a few reasons everyone needs a sylvia

this is what I came home to after work on Saturday:

I wish there was enough Sylvia for everyone that needed her. But since there isn't, SHE'S MINE!!!
Thanks Sil, we LOVE YOU!!!!

(these pictures are from dinner and playland last month with Sil and the quads- she wore them OUT!!!)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

ever think your feelings aren't being returned?

we had such a wonderful weekend. There were many projects, lots of eating, reading, late nights and TEXTING (even some PG-13 texts to our missed husbands- I'm not speaking for all... we couldn't get mom to send anything racy to BSP) And of course a late night trip to walmart (maybe not "late" but it was realllllly dark)

I was not on my picture game this weekend, but Rhonda, Megan and Mom got some good ones.

No Calf Cakes did not come up to the cabin, he threatened to- but in the end he was too scared of his sister's wrath. (FYI: and my husband's book is not black- it's brown suede --you'll get your book someday, but you haven't earned it yet.)

I did not get as much done as I hoped, but I did get quite a few boutique boards ready. I'll post pictures later, just to get you excited to come and see me on Friday!

Dave was already at work before I got home so Rachel and I went straight to K's house to get the princess.


I was so excited to see my little angel!

she was not that impressed that I was picking her up, but she didn't complain. . . . till we got in the house.

the meltdowns have been one right after another.
the lights aren't on.
the lights are on.
wee high.
no poop (that's not what you smell like).
etc, etc!

finally I couldn't take it anymore, at a brief moment of tears drying and snot still fresh I suggested we watch wee high (that's "super why" for those of you who don't speak princess, PBS (that's different than BSP) has a great website with video downloads for your iPod and everything!!! click here)

ah peace. I hate entertaining her with TV, but if I have to do it this is as good as it gets.

Thanks again to Super Wes for bringing it to our attention. and a SUPER BIG THANKS to Kim and her family for making girls weekend possible by letting princess jojo live with them for a day! I owe you big time!!!

I'm so glad to be home, I can't wait to lay a big wet kiss on my husband! I better go brush my teeth!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

girl time!!!!!!!!!!!!

every year in October (during fall break) my mother takes us up to a cabin .... not just any cabin- the largest most comfortable cabin ever- and we have a girls weekend.

when I say "us" I mean: Mom, Me, Rhonda, Megan, and Rachel.
NO KIDS, no husbands. Just US.

What in the world do we do in an enormous 3 level cabin with a beautiful view and no little angels running around breaking stuff and yelling MOMMY? I'm glad you asked.


for the past few years I have hauled up all my scrapbooking stuff (nightmare!) We all have projects to work on, some more than others. Most projects will be started, few will be finished, some will not see the light of day till October 2008 when they make it back to the cabin for a second try.

I will be weeding vinyl and starting Eclipse- i'm so excited (about the book, not the weeding) i can't see straight!

All in all, there are no rules or deadlines. Just wonderful time spent with my girls!

(no Internet access (that I know of)) stay posted for our return and lots of good stories and pictures.

did I mention, showering is also not mandatory! HEAVEN!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

the ugly side of boutiques

why is all this stuff so expensive?
I could make this at home!!!

well my dear you go on!!
I don't make anything that takes much skill.
However, there are consequences.....

materials for sign - who knows at this point
time invested - a lot
same mess - different night
dollar value to me - one thousand dollars
since I have no chance of getting that dollar amount, whatever price I mark it as will be a bargain !!

Friday, October 5, 2007

dedicated to Nie Nie

sorry about your computer!
(more boutique stuff)

taking the mystery out of vinyl

the boutique I'm going to be in will help support the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk for the Cure. Here are some stickers I made to help raise money weeding - sucks if you don't do it for therapy

adhere application tape

tape it exactly where you want it

flip it up and take off the backing

lay back down into place

rub with squeegee or credit card