Saturday, January 24, 2009

jojo teaches prince harry the facts of life (about being a baby)

what a fun week... lets use a photo montage to prove it

this picture was taken by dad today (because I was at work and missed it - but I'm not bitter... ok maybe a little)
Harrison's first baby food (yep it's been all milk till today!)
he's our little sweet potato

he loves food!
have a great weekend, xoxo, j

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

what is your laugh of the day?

this pic definitely made me laugh, aren't we cute - this is the original yaya girls (ya that's me in the back sitting on the chair with the awesome perm!)

the other day i walked into the room while dave was having a convo with jocie. his end of the convo.

"you pooped AGAIN?"


I love that man!


last week one of my employees at work put his arm around me while we were looking at the schedule (which is very empty) and says

"I hope you don't go out of business"

dumbfounded I said "I wasn't planning on it"

talk about employee support!


tonight when talking about lame music Megan said

"like Josh Gro-boring" when referring to this man

I'm still laughing.

so ya'll reading this, share your laughs of the day. because right now, I would rather laugh than cry.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Be my shaggy Valentine!

you can get coupons here, or here, seriously bring in your dog or cat - stimulate my economy so that I don't have to move in with you!

also, if you were wondering what else you could do for me (so glad you asked!!!) I am trying to get lots of good reviews on both of the sites listed above ( & so feel free to tell everyone out there how great I am!

If you don't think I'm great, then keep your opinions to your self (I can't handle rejection!)

Friday, January 16, 2009

all is well, all is well

I cried when I read the post and looked at this picture. Her hands are so delicate but they are strong together.

I hope all of you reading this and nie's post have a wonderful weekend, and know that miracles do happen, we just have to pray and believe!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Wednesday, conditions are perfect...

i can not seem to watch this enough, and then sing it around the house for days.

sure i could have chosen to blog about something more important, like me, after sitting dormant for a month.
but i don't want to be predictable.

ps. this post is dedicated to my sister who not only thinks that tuesday night is acceptable for business time, but answers the phone during business hours.