Monday, December 22, 2008

you better not pout, you better not scream@thebigman's arrival, fa la la la la, la la kA CHING

busy day today, armed with my shopping lists, coupons, news paper ads and wallet I slowly made my way to work stopping at 6 count them SIX Walgreens stores.
I worked, slowly, is it Christmas yet?
Stopped at Fry's, CVS, CVS, came home, visited with Mr. and Mrs. Clause - (more below)
After taking home my patron saint of babysitters, Courtenay, we stopped at one more CVS. Not because it's fun - heavens no! but because they were all out of their one day advertised specials. but I still think we did pretty good.
below is my loot: street value of $330.37 I spent $68 cash - minus my Walgreens reward money of $20 and my CvS Bucks of $19 = (which means all of this cost me)..... $29.45!!! Yes it did suck up a good portion of my ride to and from work, not to mention planning at home, but today it all feels worth it.
as for our Nightmare before Christmas/It's a wonderful LifeThe Clause's were wonderful! Santa was at least 6'3 if not taller, as for Jessica (that's the Missis's name) she was maybe 5'5, with a beautiful dress - she was PERFECT! (Santa obviously was tired of the flash in his eyes I guess)
Any whoo, when Jocie saw them at the door she ran off screaming "NO" at the top of her lungs, while Harry settled in for a good cuddle with the most beautiful Mrs. Clause ever!
Thank you to them for the reindeer food and company, you made our night. It's true Jojo might need therapy in the future, but you can't blame yourself. blame her mother, she will.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Monday, December 15, 2008

go google yourself!

so I totally am stealing this game from MM, it's pretty fun for those of you that are a little narcissistic.... you know who you are.

go to google and type in: your name needs (for example, I typed Jennifer needs). so here are my top 7, leave me a comment as to YOUR NEEDS!

1. a smack daddy (I guess this is Dave's new nick name?)

2. to play by the rules
3. a smack daddy (seriously it said it AGAIN)

4. to give birth in the next week

5. help (heckyes i do)

6. a mortician (EWWW, you can't even make this stuff up! turns out I can get hooked up with one through Costco.... good to know)

7. a cold shower

Thursday, December 11, 2008

coupon me this, coupon me that

thanks to Ashley, Megan and her mentor Jaime
my latest $$ saving obsession is coupons... i heart saving money!!
the high that others seek when doing drugs is the high i get when the cashier hands me the receipt and says "you saved $75 today" (she is not enthused, but i'm beaming like i just won the third grad spilling bee)
which brings me to the reason of this post. I have recently found through some other blogs like bargain mom, that there is more out there than waiting for a coupon to fall from the sky.
#1) load up your grocery store club card here, here, or here with virtual coupons - no clippy just save-y
#2) sign up to receive the red plum mailer at your home if you don't already click here
#3) fry's will take competitors coupons which is awesome so you can use this and get $6 of free stuff
#4) speaking of free stuff she just listed more stuff on her site like free holiday music downloads, deodorant, hot dogs and toilet paper! there you go.... that takes care of your sounds, smell and hunger and pooper for FREE!
how will you possibly repay me for this insight into the underground world of couponing???
i'm confident you will think of something.

homework: leave a comment about what you are doing to save money in this beautifully tragic economy. the winner will be picked randomly and sent all my expired coupons.... LUCKY!