Wednesday, February 20, 2008

enter the void...

which is my brain.

is shaq playing for the suns now? not that i pay attention to that stuff but it looked like that when i walked past the news.

i finished reading "the other boleyn girl", and now am looking forward to the movie. i had assumed that scarlet would play anne boleyn, but was suprised in the trailer to see it was the sweet natalie portman. i've been sucked into reading and watching all things queenly and historical lately, i blame my sisters and wendyB. i think i need a different time and era.... also i'm better with someone else being beheaded rather than me.

all i do is sleep, eat, read and go to work. my employees have totally spoiled me. i show up late and leave early. everyday ashley says "what are you going to do with your afternoon?" somehow giving me the benefit of the doubt that i could be fun. my reply everytime "take a nap".

i don't think i'm slipping into a down cycle, but the fact that i sleep constantly, won't leave the house unless i HAVE TO, am drowning in bills due to my lack of work could be an indicator. i really do believe that it is up to us what we become, whether we are rich or poor, and i don't know why i want to be rich but somehow always choose to be poor. that probably doesn't make any sense, but i have gotten myself stuck in a cycle that is only drug down lower by the void in my head.

um, too much insight? sorry, as sweet sarah mentioned "blogging is cheaper than therapy" and since my insurance (that is supposed to be so wonderful) still won't pay for a routine dr's appt from last november, i'm going to skip the shrink this month.

good night to you all, may we all wake up excited for the day and rich in spirit and wealth. if not just don't jump off a bridge, hey we all gotta have affirmations right? here is my list i have posted in a few places in the house (don't make fun, you know you lie to yourself too):

I have a perfect memory.
I have more time in my day than I need.
Everything I do is successful.
I have more money than I will ever need.
I remember everything.
I am perfectly healthy in everyway, through every cell in my body.
I am happy , healthy, wealthy and wise.
I am always on time
I weigh 130 pounds and am a size 8. I can eat anything I want and stay my perfect weight.
I have more new and existing customers that I can service.
I have happy customers.
I am joyous, happy and full of love for all.
I have $5million in our retirement account.
I love all fruits and vegetables.
I am a positive force and draw like people to me.
I truly love myself.
I hear everything because I have perfect hearing.
I always win.
Life is easy and all good things come to me.

now that you've had your laugh, what lies do you tell yourself?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

congrats to rhonda and chad

today is my sister's anniversary and this is the email they sent out:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
We have a Secret
We want to tell you

Our little Family
Of children times two
Is becoming a threesome
Hard to believe – but – true!!

The prince or the princess
Mid – August will come
We are all excited
For our new little one

not that this is about me but..... i have a preggo buddy!!!! we are due within a week of eachother!

i'm so happy for you guys! i love you!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

here's the deal

there is absolutly NOTHING and i mean NOTHING going on between my ears. the pregnancy brain has burrowed for the season and there is no chance of getting out a thought much less a story.

i have so much i want to journal about our fabulous evening with wendyB, but alas i can't get a single sentence that captures the evening. therefore i have come to this. megan wrote a quite spot on post about the evening. i mean why recreate the wheel if it's already docutmented right.

for the pig portion of my day:

what is consuming my brain today? let me tell you: chili cheese burritos from taco bell.

i learned of these in high school and lived off them then and in college. they are awesome and i adored their meaty cheesey happiness. however several years ago..... they dissapeared. gone. never to be seen from again.... so we thought.

click here for more infor about this hostile situation.

again i got a lead from my sister megan (who is an excellent detective, she currently just cracked a case that i'm not at liberty to talk about, but i'm actually more excited about this finding than the ccb at taco bell) who followed her instincts to check into the return of this deceased menu item. what did she find, yes that some locations are serving them again (website show store locator) !!!

i had 2 for dinner and am a happy happy pregnant lady! thank you megan and taco bell for adding something deliciously gassy back into my grateful existance!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

dear diary,

got home late last night because i was at dinner with my sister megan and the glamorous wendyB! such a good time. before entrees were even served we were wearing wendyB original necklaces, AMAZING! before the night was through, she was in my $30 macy's bead necklace and we were wearing everything but her panties.... which is also a funny story. this special evening will have it's own dedicated post once i get some pictures from the girls (my camera is pig crap!)

still tired.

the plague is over, so is the fire threat level. clean sheets, lysol, and showers - i think we are all going to make it. dave went back to work today after being on his deathbed for 5 days. tomorrow will be jojo's first day back at preschool now that she is well (anyone else see the irony there?).

valentines day is coming up, which is my other sister's anniversary (shout out to Rhonda and Chad - you wrestling lovebirds you!). it kinda snuck up on me somehow. i knew it was coming but am i prepared? nope. please diary, don't let me look like the loser that i am on thursday. i already bought him new socks and world or warcraft for Christmas .... it seems i've painted myself into a corner. what to do???? i could get myself something pretty.... ok need to focus.

sweet dreams, i'll write again soon,


ps. as a blogging system i am so frustrated with blogger. spell check never works, sometimes you can separate your paragraphs.... sometimes you can't. would spew hateful venom at them, but they are bigger than me and i am scared of their backlash.

p.i.g.- 12 week dr. appt

i went to my 12 week doctors appt yesterday. (i get to keep my clothes ON for the next several visits!!!!! yipeeee)
we heard the heartbeat, i only gained one pound, blood pressure good, peed in a cup... all the usual stuff you get to do with the nurse before the doctor gets there.
when the doctor came in he applauded my one pound weight gain (which is AMAZING since the only thing avaliable when i go into the "most ravenous hunger ever felt mode" is horrible fast food. what kind of metabolism does this thing in me have going?? and can it keep it up??)
so before i leave the doctor says "you know it's good that we heard the heartbeat. it is a very important aspect that is often taken for granted. 95% of babies that you can hear the heartbeat at this point in the pregnancy make it".
what the??? i didn't realize anyone was questioning "making it"? how about keeping your stats to yourself in the future, doc?!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

spots = hit shows on nickelodeon

that's it, i'm earning back my co-pays on this kid by selling her "likeness" to Nick Jr. What do you think?
*although i felt that the uncensored pic showed absolutely nothing inapproriate, the grapevine has proven scandelous. i hope this puts all at ease.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

urgent care, our home away from home

yes, 3 visits in one week! not bad.

short and sweet our little angel woke up looking like this at 4:00 am
the doctor thinks that due to her ear infections, pink eye, and gross cough that the hives are just part of a virus.

well it's official. the only way to get well is burn down our house.

state farm is going to be pissed when i explain it was easier than laundry and lysol.

Monday, February 4, 2008

super tuesday

tomorrow is super tuesday, finally we get to vote here in az. i hope that all of you go out and vote for your candidate tomorrow. i can't seem to get my husband to even have the candidate conversation with me, and he is already evading the poles- but it's a free country.

i was going to just do a sweet "get out and vote" post and not mention my candidate. why? because it's political? because this could be the final nail in my dad's coffin?

i come from a family of republicans (not that there's anything wrong with that). however i am a democrat, thus politics have been banned from discussion at family dinner (it's been a rough 7 years for me). but tomorrow i'm going to the poles and finally going to see the name on the ballott i have waited so so so long for. i can't believe she is finally on the ballott for president!

(yes, my father is on oxygen right now somewhere) my love for Hillary Clinton has been for all of my adult life. as first lady i loved her and couldn't understand why everytime she offered to work on healthcare or whatever she was passionate about she was halted at every turn by opposing parties. she and her husband have made mistakes, they are human, but also i believe the best we have for our country at this time of change.

this is not a soap box, i'm not writing to sell anything. vote for your own candidate and support them. today i realized that this is my blog, and that if i support a candidate i should be able to say it here of all places.

God bless this country. Our citizens and our leaders.

if you don't have anything nice to say....

ah forget it.

i've grounded myself from blogging due to the fact i'm a TOTAL BOOOOOeR! (argue with me, i dare ya!)

so what shall i talk about?
people i stalk?

ok well my original stalkee nie nie fell into my trap. as you may know, we met, she was even more delightful than you can imagine. i believe i will see her and her four legged child again in march.

NExT: i have been stalking wendyB for quite sometime now. she lives in NY so you would think she is safe-HA! i adore her humor, her jewelry, her fashion, her writting and her little dog too. i have it on good word where i might find her next week. sure it could involve some blackmail, binoculars, and the truck from the beverly hillbillies (cuz that's how i roll!) but i will meet her and make her adore me as i do her. george michael doesn't know me!

although the baby on the right is growing nicely, does it seem it moves around a little too fast?

onto less interesting stuff:

the nasuea has now settled down, i'm so thankful..... however it was replaced immediatly with an upper respritory virus that is just stupid. i cough and hack and gag 20 hours a day, it's totally hot! the doctor said since i'm pregnant they can't even give me cough meds. lame.

i took jojo to urgent care last week: 2 ear infections and pink eye! we really know how to live around here. don't worry, she hasn't felt bad enough to not dress as a princess in tap shoes every single day! you can wipe snot on a princess skirt just as good as a t-shirt!

does anyone else really dislike blogger? i hate to say anything for fear i will bring their rath on me, but the program constantly has errors, adding pics is a pain in the butt and it seems like this should actually be easier than they make it. for instance, my spell check refuses to work on this post. any suggestions???

reading: (back to wendyB) wb does book club on her blog and reads about historic queens and designs jewelry in their honor. well i admit it, i had never read a historical fiction or biography other than the red tent, the life of ben franklin, and both the clinton's autobiographys. (keep your comments to yourself if you have anything rude to say about the clinton's). over the last few months my dear sisters have been sharing and reading books (behind my back) and not sharing any of them with me.... till last week. Rhonda gave me the constant princess and i finished it last night. it was great, but i didn't understand the ending since it ended abruptly without closure. a threeway conference call to them concluded that now i had to read the other boleyn girl. i explained that i was mad at the boleyn girl since she screwed over katherine of aragon. they then explained, no you will like the OTHER boleyn girl.

i have spent the afternoon reading wendyB's posts about "queens" and feel i have a much better grasp, and that it could take me a life time to read all of her recommendations. i am stopping by bookmans on my way home tomorrow with my list of new reads!

to sum up: i have absolutly nothing interesting to add to the world of blogging, or going on in my head. therefore i am going to have to take up reading. feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments- "what to expect when you are expecting" by the way is not a good recommendation.

kisses, ppiew