Wednesday, June 25, 2008

through her eyes part 1

when it came time to download the pictures from my camera, i realized there were about 200 pictures that i didn't take. while working on Harrison's room, the camera was a good distraction for her from the paint brushes I was using.

disclaimer: I am a believer in freedom of speech as well as art, but I have edited out the 50 shots of me either going to the bathroom while being forced to say cheese, or the ones with me on my hands and knees painting with my booty in the air.self portrait

potty chart

when birthday presents go big (perhaps toooo big)

on Sunday morning Jocie got up at the crack of dawn, so i finally took my turn to get up with her. what to do?

Marian (Aunt Meme) had just given me her birthday present to bring home. In a plain white box, and the label on the side said "7 piece tent and tunnel set". That doesn't sound like "7 pieces that will take over your life, living room and probably your house" does it? there goes our ONE ADULT space in the house.
She loves it and that's all that matters! Happy early birthday baby!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

we went to see another band

she sure loves being a groupie, she wouldn't care what BAND it was. the kids weren't allowed stage access this time, but managed to run and run and run!
after the show she went up to the members to tell them "good job!" isn't she considerate?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ok, he can get here as soon as he likes now!

in the beginning:

after weeks of "working/fighting" with a 2 year old who "wants to help" and bones that are held together with pregnancy jello, I am proud to announce that Harrison's room is ready!

bedding compliments of my sister Rhonda, theme compliments of Sprout's "good night show"

Sunday, June 15, 2008

party like a (cheap) rockstar

First off I would like to say HAPPY FATHERS DAY to my wonderful father and to my amazing husband and to all the fathers reading this! I hope you all have a relaxing day and feel as appreciated as you are!

I love you Dad and Dave!!!

this has been a pretty horrible week. it started at the OBGYN office taking the 3 hour diabetes test which involves drinking this stuff that is straight syrup on an empty stomach and then over the next 3 hours you get your blood drawn 4 times if you aren't rushed to the bathroom or the emergency room. ICK! lets just say i'm here to write about it, so i survived.

i am also now fessing up to the fact that i've been in and out of a pretty foul depression for several months now which has taken a lot out of my normal abilities. talking on the phone or having personal conversations takes more out of me than i can put into words. i am sorry to those of you i've been a lousy friend to, i hope that soon i can go back to the person that is useful and not a drain.

did i mention the contractions? i'm not the only one, my sister who is pregnant too is suffering from these "false" (Braxton Hicks) contractions and they are sure miserable! and boy is this kid active, he kicks like crazy all the time.

anyway enough whining, you've probably quit reading by now anyway.

so when i got home from work last night we decided to use our Cheesecake Factory gift cards we got for Christmas from Carolyne and Charlotte. i was so tired i couldn't deal with our princess "in" the actual restaurant so i opted for the patio. she was horrible, the food was good, and there was live music to drown everything out.

the band was sixty degrees north, and they were great! we walked over to the amphitheater where they were playing, and sat in the front in the grass. the band played everything from the Bee-Gees to Santana and Jocie was drawn like a fly to the stage.

There were already kids from the audience on stage playing tambourines and a handful of toddlers who just danced and worked them selves up and down the stairs. the princess was in HEAVEN!

(in the green dress, "I'm with the band")

my proudest moment was my almost 3 year old rocking out on stage and throwing me and Dave and I LOVE YOU sign!
it was so much fun, and i just enjoyed watching her be as loud and crazy as she wanted and not having to correct her or quiet her, just watching her be her. I love you crazy princess!

Monday, June 2, 2008

cell phone etiquette

would you agree that the younger generation has much better manners when it comes to cell phone usage? every teenager does have a cell phone, but when was the last time you actually saw them yelling into it in a restaurant or holding you up in line because they were busy yapping. probably never, thats when.

i think it's because they have grasped the beauty of texting that we don't hear them, and good for them. if only our eyes and fingers could work like theirs!

today in my trip to the doctors office (everything is fine with the baby, same ol pee in cup routine) and at the post office i contemplated taking peoples cell phones and smashing them upside the people's heads.

in a quiet waiting room i have miss millie-must-call-everyone-in-my-directory and leave LOUD voice mails for them all. really? at the gynecologist is were you do your "call backs"? she was probably my age, and i wondered if she had such a need for everyone to give a rats ass about her pointless calls, or if she had absolutely no manners.

then at the post office i had the choice, stand behind the older gentleman who was using the automated post machine on his cell phone, or stand behind the guy at the counter who was ignoring the counter agent to continue his loud phone conversation. i went with automated. this old dude was talking to his Realtor and literally just pressing buttons at his leisure. when he FINALLY got off the phone, he had to do it all over again because he had no concept of multi tasking. i should have kicked him in the back of the knees before i smashed his cell phone, but you know me always respecting the elderly.

my point is, lets quit acting like there is no outside world if we are on a cell phone. some how us old people (30 and up) managed until 10 years ago without the devises, now they seem to rule our self centered worlds.

lets take some manners from the younger generation and learn to live with technology, not think we are special because we pay a cell phone bill- so you damn well are going to overhear my mind numbing thoughts.

hope you enjoyed my rant, it was brought to you by:





the 30+ crowd without manners everywhere


added: Dave just called and i told him about this post. he said he was just at work and there was a woman with her two kids on the casino floor who would NOT get off her cell phone. she saw him waiting to talk to her but just ignored him. what class, kids at the casino while you talk to no one about nothing, NICE!