Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Pixie turned 4... and blogger won't let you see it!

the party was great and all the girls got to have their own special photo shoot! click here to see

I was blessed with lots and lots of pictures to show you, that you would have loved!
Craft making, candle blowing, 4 year old melt down, cake eating, present opening, and dance party-under the canopy of tulle and a crystal chandelier...... HOWEVER, blogger (aaaarrrggg) won't let me upload anything accept this. LAME
There were 11 pixies in attendance, but they were never all in the same place for any amount of time, so this is my idea of a group picture! They made the frames and Kate took their portraits, waaa laaa. Hopefully blogger will find it in it's heart to let me show you the real pictures at some point soon!
all portraits were taken by the lovely and amazing Kate Lane at www.Red-FeatherPhoto.com