Monday, March 31, 2008

one egg and lots of friends, what more could we ask for?

since easter was early, i'm getting my post out late. i figure together they will average out. (my math skills, and justification skills ROCK!)

Friday, March 28, 2008

disney vagina dialogues

judging by the comments on my little mermaid rant, disney princesses are a topic near and dear to other's hearts as well.

my first observation is out of the 6 main princesses only ONE had a mother. That mother was Aurora's (sleeping beauty) mother. A lot of good this mother was, she was around just long enough to piss off the evil witch and then send her daughter into hiding for 16 years with 3 incompetent fairies. No cards, no letters, no visits, nothing- what a fabulous mother. sure she did it for her daughters "protection", BUT the curse was pretty straight forward - "The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But, before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die."

well that curse was dumbed down by one of the fairies wish that she will just sleep till true love's kiss.

so what did they do, ship her off with the dumb fairies for 16 years and have her travel on the night of her birthday. gee, that's brilliant! At least she didn't waste 16 precious years right???!

why are the mother's absent in every story? because if they had a mother watching they wouldn't get away with most of their crap, or all girls really are daddy's girls and can therefore have no positive relationship with a mother figure? I did find a good article about this very issue, click here.

The article link above was started when the author's daughter asked "where is belle's mommy?"

Belle (except the little extra boob in the pic above) seems to be a very stable girl. She loves to read, she works hard and takes care of her father. she really does try to take the noble route. but as Yakko Warner pointed out "Belle was ok. The part that got to me was when she snuck into the West Wing and started snooping around, blatantly violating the one rule she had been given about where not to go, and when the Beast gets mad, she decides it's ok to break her commitment ("Promise or no promise, I can't stay here another minute"). She was under a lot of stress, though, and she did settle down."

jasmine of the movie aladdin, is whinny and rebellious. running away from the castle instead of marrying a prince. if i'm not mistaken her kingdom depended on the wedding, but hey, who are we to stand in the way of your happiness.

snow white, not only no mother but a evil witch for a step mother who wants her heart. she seems to be missing a few marbles upstairs, but she takes good care of her hospitable dwarf companions. again a stranger's kiss will only awaken her.... what's up with kissing dead girls?

i actually like most every female villain in every movie, especially the disney movies- they are just wickedly cool..... however i don't feel the same about cindy's wicked stepmother. i understand her position: her fugly daughters don't stand a chance at life without her evil doing. but this is not a nice way to treat your dead husband's daughter. Yakko also pointed out that the movie Everafter had an interesting take on the story. i own that movie and would agree. she is a character to embrace and pity and Everafter gives her more of a story and backbone.

lastly i would like to introduce you to the newest disney princess, Giselle.

we watched the movie Enchanted last week and i loved it (ok not the live NY animal population), the songs were fabulous, it was a total spoof on almost all disney princess movies, and had a nice moral to the story. even after just watching it once i was singing the songs for days! i will be buying this one. it was a little over the top for a 2 year old, but she enjoyed it and i will save it for her for later. Giselle, although brought up in fairytale land to believe all fairytale things adjusts her thoughts and feelings once being dropped in Manhattan. her crown is stolen, but her beautiful wedding dress never gets dirty when running through the rain. she is by far my favorite of the group. oh ya... in the end, another dead girl to add to the list of never been kissed.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

off with her tail, and other tortures i wish on the little mermaid

recently the most watched movie in our home (by the 2 year old) has "mysteriously" gone missing!!! yes it has been traumatic, the songs are still being remembered, but every day it gets a little easier. one day at a time right???

growing up i couldn't understand my dad's complete dislike of this movie. i mean it's a disney movie, they would dot every i and cross every t. they wouldn't put in front of children's faces disobedient self centered role models for our children to mimic. they wouldn't have different species try to mate (ok well that one seems to be pretty typical.... kinky disney, very kinky).

then the other day as i'm singing along with the movie for the 1000th time, we get to the part where her father has just discovered and destroyed her cave of contraband and she sings "betcha on land they understand that they DON'T reprimand their daughters"

WHAT???!!! excuse me, go missing for extended amounts of time, have a collection of illegal items, sneak around, go gaga for someone out of your species (aka. non complimenting genitalia) and your parents should say "SURE, good for your, hope you don't die. We are just your stupid parents and we were hoping you would find yourself in a life of misery, carpe diem!"

ok, so my dad was onto something by disliking this beotch! (my words, not his). so i look further into the story. ***go to dad's arch enemy, sign a contract for your soul, try to marry a guy who doesn't know you but will marry YOUR VOICE (??? he is brilliant!) and in the end when you can't come through on the deal you SIGNED, let dad throw himself in harms way and risk the entire kingdom and ocean all because the princess wanted her way.

what a great lesson for kids, go ahead do drugs, marry a cow, drive drunk, get a payday loan at one of those places on the corner. the world is your oyster!!!

i have found i'm not the only one with disdain for this little tart (oh ya, don't get me started on her immodest shell bra!) fellow blogger Yakko Warner wrote this back in 2005. I enjoy his theories on why King Triton is a pathetic father, and why Eric ends up being a bad father and husband. Here i was just focusing on the hussy.

in closing, i wish this guy would have gotten ahold of her in full fish form! mmmmm, deep fried seabratt!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


through out the day i often think "i should blog about that".

then i get home, and try to remember.

nothin. i wonder what i was going to write about.

is it bad when you walk into work and your co-worker says "how was your weekend? did you do anything fun?" and after careful thought and consideration my answer, "i don't know, i can't remember."

(pic stolen from the beautiful wendyB)

i'm not stupid, just pregnant.

  • memo to self: get a notebook or some form of thought and/or memory control.
  • memo to you: we have our ultrasound in a few weeks. (i wonder what this brain sucking fetus is? judging by the brain tapeworm effect...... i'm not guessing, what do you think??)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

romantic anniversary dinner

for 3.

  • panda express take out

  • kitchen table

  • plastic forks

  • 2 yr old in high chair

  • all singing "the wheels on the bus" (all choruses over and over)

you too can have this romantic dinner if you just stick with the bullet points above.

Honey: happy anniversary, i know today didn't go as planned. however, we actually never made any plans. you would think we would some day learn a lesson from that. yet here we are 5 years later, and we haven't made a plan since we put up tables, chairs, flowers, table clothes and barely getting showered and dressed before our wedding started. it's possible our only plans that have ever turned our are our wedding, our daughter, the one on the way, and two very cherished vacations pre-k (pre kids).

someday we may become less lame, but if it's ok with you- lets not aim too high. i just like being at home with you and having NO PLANS.

i love you with all my heart!


your adoring wife


Thursday, March 6, 2008

does this baby make me look fat?

dave said "no".
isn't he cute when he lies!!!
(dave's first day as a father 2005)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

someone called me lazy

well wendyB, yes i am pregnant... i mean too lazy to blog. so let me update you on the last week:

cleaning up the yard, planting new seeds and plants (will the bareroot roses make it this year? i've killed at least a dozen through the years)

trying to make my own compost for like a year now... didn't have nearly enough compost so loaded up on several bags over the the week to make my new and existing plants HAPPY!this is the az gardening bible

The Tudors

showtime (which i don't subscribe to) is running all the episodes of their series the tudors on regular cable channels. I am loving it, especially since this era seems to be my main source of interest for the last few months. i'm halfway through the season, oh and henry the 8th is kinda good looking if you are into that kinda thing.

in the light of my tudor era interest, i constantly lust after this ugly betty - I KID- anne boleyn inspired necklace... some day.... should i get a J or a C???

also drooling over this diana ring, i am bff with the designer so i started to mention to my husband "there is this ring"..... that's as far as i got before he said "this ought to be good". humpf. it would make a good birthday present mister poopy pants!

i've also spent the last week stressing about poll numbers for today's (again) super tuesday. this is a crazy race and feel very strongly that Hillary is what this country needs. the economy sucks, my business is slow due to it, our house payment went up $300 in January- which was not budgeted, i spent most of last year without any insurance when Dave was between jobs- full price prescriptions are impossible to afford. i hate war, and can't even watch the news. the state of our country literally breaks my heart. i pray for a change that will heal our nation.

(update: she won ri, tx, oh tonight!!!)

i think that is the basics, the cute jocie stuff probably deserves it's own post... stay tuned (did i mention today while obsessively counting, she switched to counting in spanish? oh no, not in the correct order but still... 1,2,3,4, uno, dos, tres...) oh ya and her saying she says 40 times a day is a dramatic "oh my nuniss!" (goodness for those who don't speak 2 year old). this child cracks me up!

oh ya, shout out to NETFLIX - i heart you!!!! and welcome back the writers from their strike, i can't wait for the office to start again!

ps. dear mr. poopy pants, i can't believe our 5 year anniversary is already this weekend! i love you more than life itself and can't wait to finally get to go on a date ALONE with you!!!

pps. notice to family: we need a babysitter in order to make the ps. possible. please feel free to offer your services!