Monday, August 10, 2009

cake smash for Harrison (gone horribly wrong) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!

It started out as it should....

and ended, when he realized "frosting is sticky, and party hats are uncomfortable", mean mean mommy! So to console myself, I ate it. Not the part his feet were in, cause that would be gross.

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy, who decided this morning that he doesn't like applesauce... I guess we will be seeing more changes everyday in our little angel!

coming soon

Prince Harry's 1st birthday!
we can hardly wait, and we have the pictures to prove it.... but you'll have to wait till Saturday!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I think she's onto something...

my sister is a genius. i'm sure i should have something to blog about but.. instead i blog about her. why, because she's cute and smart and fun and i live just to see what she will come up with next! so she has started alphabet blogging this week, and today is letter C (i suggested some C words like Clancy, but she took a pass.... oh well) so what did she come up with??
a Cooking Contest! but not just any cooking contest, like the best one ever - her rules, her taste, her judging, and NO FRUIT (as it should be!). at first she was worried that people would think that she was just in it for the food, then i reminded her she was, and then she was ok with that. i'm not saying the prize, to be announced on W day (for "w"inner), is a Car... but, it's not a car. i don't think.
check out her contest here.

I should blog about something while i'm here.... huh.... Harry runs, Dave's truck is in the emergency room, my brain tumor is stable therefore I have life insurance thanks to LarryKerby at Beneficial ( I love Larry! if you need any insurance call him! 480-316-8383 - I made him promise if I die he is to go over all our outstanding debt with Dave and put him on a budget/allowance - he promised! did I mention I love Larry??), we got a new babysitter yesterday and Jocie puked on her 3 times... poor Whitney!, we went to Legoland for vacay... i should blog about that with pictures, i have a 3 month old TO-DO list - but I lost it, Harry is going to be one next week... what the heck, how did that happen, would like to quit nursing - but my body and Harry have other plans (I wonder if he will kill me for that sentence later in life), it is so stinking hot here that i've made the kids eat cold cereal for dinner for months now, GMAC Mortgage people s u c k - been working on a loan modification since DECEMBER and they still can't give us an answer, work is going pretty good - ash has been sick but should be back soon, thank goodness!, and facebook taunts me.

there is a whole lot of, who gives a rats rear end of information.
this post was brought to you by the letter C, as in cooking, clancy, and crap!