Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I hate to brag on my bros..... but

(they are working their way down - can you tell the before from the after? AMAZING)

they are almost done. I'm not going to jinx anything else by mentioning safety (end of post and Austin's comment about FALLING OFF the Biosphere, thank the Lord he only fell 6 feet when he caught himself... we don't talk about what it could have been) or weather conditions, but they are almost done.

oh ya and other people notice too like UA News and this gentleman.

there was a story on the news about it last night, but alas the internets will not show it to me. stupid internets, why did al gore bother inventing you if you don't give me what i want??

Saturday, October 25, 2008

sneak peek...

Trim Time will be offering this at the concert tonight, see you there!

Friday, October 24, 2008

join me!

This Saturday I will be here, come join me and spend some money honey!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's that time again!

Fall break, mountains, borrowed cabin.... if you don't know what I'm talking about you can refer to here, or here.

any whooo, there has been a glitch in the "no kids or husbands" portion of GIRLS WEEKEND (in fact there has been a glitch in the weekend portion also)

so there will in fact be kids, husbands and there will be weekdays.

My sister Megan told me I needed to get a better attitude about kids at the cabin. so after much thought and consideration, I have realized "it would be better if I wore them out before they wear ME out!"

following is the email I sent my siblings:

I am announcing "KID CLUB" (not like LA fitness kids club, where they lock your kid in the bathroom or let them walk out the front door but), a club (in the cabin laundry room) were the kids can make lots of projects, and were they can play fun activities that Aunt Rachel is already on top of!

each child will need to bring with them:

  • a smock/work shirt that can get really messy. I just got one of Dave' old shirts for Jojo.
  • each child needs a good sized shoe box to store their projects, I have 4 but we need 3 more. Does each mom have 1?

  • a sock (or as many as they want to make) for sock puppets

  • if they have some of their favorite craft supplies they want to bring, please make sure they are marked (like scissors) so they don't loose them.

that should be it. I have lots of projects planned and ready to go. If it's OK with you, Rachel and I will divide up the activities and each of us will be in charge of the kids for a couple hours a day. This way you MAY get to work on your own projects, and or take naps! Of course this schedule is not set in stone, but it makes me feel better.

Tues, Wed and Thursday schedules:
Breakfast - Mom and Dad
9:00 Jennifer
11:00 (ish): Rachel
Lunch - Jennifer
naps for napping children
non napping after lunch kids: Grandma
2:00 Megan
4:00 Rhonda
5:30 ish Dinner: (If you are in charge of dinner, feel free to exchange times so that it will be more convenient for you)
6:30 Story time with Papa, and Puppet Show Productions
7 or 7:30 ready for BED!!!!

8:00 wooo hoo! kids in bed!

on another note:

to my beloved brothers who will not be with us because they will be washing all the windows on the Biosphere2 for the next month with Curt's awesome business 5 Star Window Care:


(can you see Curt's ladders scaling up the different sections? I'm scared just looking at them. He said last week was so windy they had to quit early one day because it was too dangerous! )

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a gift for me and you!

I'm so excited! I just booked an appt for a photo shoot on location at Grandma's farm with

i'm going anorexic now to be ready in a month!
guess what you are getting for Christmas???

all my readers in AZ need to call Kate at Red Feather immediately - if you don't, your Christmas cards won't look as good as ours, and that would be sad!

Monday, October 6, 2008

we are alive and well

you can't make this stuff up: on Friday I saw "my sylvia" accross the street. I asked her if she could babysit tonight for Jojo, so we (dave, me, and harrison) could go see the movie we didn't get to last week. (what movie is that you askk? the one playing when we get there - don't care just want to see something). anywho (as meg says) we get dressed, get in the car (yes this car) and it will not start.

after a little, pushing, grunting, jumping and hair pulling (the car, what were you thinking?) the guy at Auto Zone told us the alternator needs to be replaced, and NO they don't do that for free.

silver lining..... wait for it...... i was ASLEEP by 10:30 for 5 hours straight! that's called getting lucky at the end of a bad date!

(totally stole this from Janie)

2nd anywho: i'm just too tired to find the camera AND the cord that makes the pictures magically appear on my computer. so you will just have to trust we that the kids are cute, the house is a mess, and that people who insist that "breastfeeding makes you skinny" because you put out so many calories a day - are liars, who are not addicted (and I MEAN AMY WHINEHOUSE ADDICTED) to SUGAR! - like it's not hard enough already without DELICIOUS CANDY CORNS at every turn!

in the words of SJP in SATC "hello lov-ahhhh"