Tuesday, April 8, 2008

in the dark

i'm not concerned about my daughter's future in the dating world. she refuses to use the potty, and for that i'm pretty sure won't be popular at school. (that's fine with me)

so this evening while she was on her potty chair doing NOTHING, i once again sat knee to knee with her while i again demonstrated the finer points of the toilet.

in 2 seconds she was up with her panties up and at the door. before she turned off the light and shut me in the completely dark room the last thing i saw was a empty brown toilet paper tube on the roller.


after asking nicely, and then not so nicely to open the door and turn on the light she opened the door and said "UM. no."


like Helen Keller i felt around under the cabinet for the last roll of toilet paper. whew.

then enters child with a key chain light to help the situation by blinding me over and over. I believe her next quote goes something as "Oh, fun."


the princess said...

oh dear, was that ever funny! only cause I can relate, not cause you got left in a lurch. i have been locked out of the house by my older son and his cousin (when they were 2 and 3 years old) on more than one occasion. luckily, the front door was opened the first time then i started taking my keys even to take out the garbage!

Aprilyn said...

Hehe..what a little stinker. She is such a cute one though.. :)

Sarah said...

You know your a mother. . . when you're trapped on the toilet in the dark at the mercy of a two-year old. Keychain light. Hilarious:D

editor said...

sorry to laugh at your predicament. :D life really is crazier than fiction when you're living with a little alien, i mean child.