Tuesday, April 8, 2008

things i wish dead...

there is no way for me to wish enough death on my following two picks, and no way possible to prioritize one over the other:

LA FITNESS aka. asshats! after my last post and speaking with them about their continual billing of my checking account for a membership that was already canceled: their response was "we just received your 30 day notice to cancel your kids club membership so the April billing will not be refunded."

so the moral to the story, these asshats make it impossible to cancel any membership. and although you they don't tell you that you have to cancel your kids babysitting membership, and you can't use it because you aren't a member they will continue to bill you.

their new slogan should be: once we have your billing information, we will rob you blind-JOIN TODAY!

(not actual rodent) this thing known as a gopher has taken on a full assault of my garden. he is eating through my lettuce and is making his way all over with enormous holes and mounds to show for his work. It is making me crazy. at first i thought well i will try and get him out without killing him. OH NO, not now, it's on. i've tried suffocating a hole with dry ice, Dave tried drowning the hole to get him out, nope.

now don't get all PETA on me, i'm sorry but it's my garden and if it is being overtaken with a terrorist, it is my right to protect my land and lettuce. tonight Jojo and i went to home depot and purchase some gopher traps (which sound nicer than they actually are). Since this problem has turned a little too blood and guts for my taste it has been left for Dave.

Good luck honey! kill the little bastard for us!! love, me and jojo


Aprilyn said...

My uncle had this problem with our family garden last year. He tried smoking it out too but it didn't work. I'll email him and see if he was ever successful. In the meantime..STUPID LA FITNESS!! What can you do about that? I know suing them just takes more money but it's SO WRONG! :( Good luck. Can you put a block on it?

kristi said...

UGH...we had a mouse here at work and they put a sticky trap down. My boss LOVES all animals and was contemplating taking him off of the trap. YUCK.